Subculture 8BIT

Tonight on Subculture: ARCADE ADVENTURES. Music that utilizes some of the most basic of early programmable consumer computer electronics. 8-bit, chiptune, bitpop, nerdcore… elements of these genres have shown up in new wave, house, techno, DNB and more. Thanks, Commodore 64! 🙂 TONIGHT! Artists from the 70s to today that sample 8-bit in their music, including The Postal Service, Flying Lotus and Laurie Spiegel; plus The Frankie Goes to Hollywood arcade game intro and music from Heaven 17’s 1980s 8-bit Commodore User magazine flexi disc!

Subculture: Friday, 8-10p EST 01.26.18 on WXOJ 103.3fm in Northampton, MA or live online anywhere @ // replays of tonight’s show can be heard the following Sunday 2-4a.


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