National “Coming Out” day is this Saturday, October 11th and even though the *coming out* part, in my opinion, should be a thing of the past (i.e. people are people, who gives a fuck), there are still many of us in this world who have to give a great big damn about who knows about their sexual orientation or if they are stuck in the opposite-gendered body. Sad but way true.

Genocide and war drones. Now THERE are causes worth getting angry over and pursuing!

Nevertheless, we celebrate the steps it takes for someone to be true to themselves. And in Subculture’s case, we help do it via music!

So this Friday, tune into WXOJ 103.3fm in Northampton, MA 8-10p EST USA or live worldwide online at and and hear some kicking’ gay/LGBTQ-friendly music.

Where else will you find Olivia Newton-John and The Revolting Cocks in the same set? (WOOT!)



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