Two Hours of Sia!

I was fortunate enough to meet Ms. Furley at a Cambridge, MA coffeehouse in early 2000’s and she was gracious enough to afford my friends and me tickets to her show that evening. Interestingly enough, I saw a lad wandering around, lost, on Mass Ave. in Boston one afternoon. Turns out he was a member of Zero7 – the band Sia had previously  recorded the song, “Destiny.” My friend and I actually had tickets to see Zero7 on Lansdowne that night and had THE best time! Sia & co. are good people. We all have our demons but you gotta believe at the core humans are humans…  of the best kind 🙂 Without further delay – SIA.


Hour One:

1. Clap Your Hands (Fred Falke mix)

2. Numb

3. The Co-Dependent

4. Under The Milky Way (The Church cover)

5. Dim The Lights (Creep w/ Sia)

6. Chandelier

7. I’ll Forget You (Lior w/ Sia)

8. Drink To Get Drunk (mix)

9. Oh Father (Madonna cover)

10. Where I Belong (Wookie remix)

11. Elastic Heart (Hannah Rad remix)

12. The Girl You Lost To Cocaine (live)

13. Get Me


Hour Two:

1. Titanium (Extended mix – Sia with David Guetta)

2. Pictures

3. Moon

4. Destiny ( Sia with Zero7)

5. We Are Born

6. Big Girl Little Girl

7.  Beautiful Pain (Sia w/ Eminem)

8. Day Too Soon


sia albums

My 2008 Sia guest-signed “Wedding Albums!”

9. Buttons (Live)

10. Never Gonna Leave Me (A Subculture favorite!)

11. Stop Trying

12. Judge Me

13. Soon We Will Be Found (watch this amazing video!)

14. Kill And Run

15. Breathe Me





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