Coming the 1st week of April! The Covers Show II features some of the best covering the best, including one of the finest Morrissey covers ever heard (aside 10,000 Maniacs — or The Pretenders’ “Every Day Is Like Sunday”). Morrissey is on tour again, btw. Most songs will be 80’s artists covering songs or current artists covering 80’s songs, OR 80s artists covering the oldies and vice versa. Shesh. But wait, there’s more…

I’ll also post the playlist live (if the studio computer is feeling good that evening)!


Multi-song coverage in homage of Iggy Pop & The Stooges’ Scott Asheton, who died of a heart attack on March 15th and Bob Casale of Devo who died February 17th.

iggy 2

SUBCULTURE: Fridays 8-10p EST USA, Northampton, MA 103.3fm, WORLDWIDE:

Don’t forget to tune into the KRAFTWERK show on March 28th!


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