It looks as if the winter is going to last forever here in Western, MA, USA. This is a picture of a space dug out in the snow that connects two parking lots in Northampton. This monstrosity is over 5ft. tall. I’m not even sure how someone carved the path out so perfectly!


AND… this was two snows ago. See the top of that white fence to the right of the picture? Yeah, it’s not quite that visible today! 😉


The first hour of Subculture is dedicated to snow and winter and being cozy. Artists such as Emiliana Torrini and Kate Bush give their versions of winter, as well as a big winter nod to Devo’s Bob Casale who died from complications leading to heart failure on February 18th. Sigh.

In other news, Arizona’s Jan Brewer & co. have lost their freaking minds. The Arizona House passed a lovely bill that allows businesses to refuse service to ANYONE if it upsets the businesses’ religious beliefs. There’s no other way to pass that shit off other than discrimination.

To put this as simply as I can, this law, the laws against women’s rights, immigration, marriage equality, and for guns ( have nothing to do with their subjects OR “freedom.” These are the same politicians who starve things like education and the United States Post Office, then blame them for failing. The very politicians passing these draconian laws are losing… badly. In order to maintain control we’ve WATCHED them lie, cheat and steal their way into public offices, but as usual, Americans are complacent. As long as Americans remain so, America loses and that is a fact. These culture wars are the one way they know they can keep their base loyal and in line, so they’ve brought out every trick in the book, and just when you think they can’t possibly stoop any lower, they manage to do it bold faced and indignantly.

selling waffles

If we as “The People” part of this country do not get up off of our asses and help get these cheaters out of office, we will ALL feel the effects of inequality in every way imaginable for many, many years to come.

I published a book some time back that quoted over 40 years of anti-gay speech and laws. By the time I completed the research (2 years), there were 260+ more pages I could have included. Expect the laws and open bashing of (insert ANY minority here) to get worse as this is an election year here in the states, and as we’ve seen, the nutjobs will say or do anything to slap that stick. (Need an asprin between your legs, gals?)

At any rate, the latter half of the 28th’s program is a bug EFF YOU to the new Arizona law and every other law that has sought to diminish the poor, immigrants, women, the LGBT community, people of different (or no) faith,  and anyone who wishes to save the earth, have equal access to healthcare, or goes to the streets demanding we stop war, drones, spying, and the those who wish to pillage our citizens.

In the second hour hear songs about social justice, songs from gay artists, and activist anthems.

SUBCULTURE, Fridays 8-10p EST US, 103.3 fm locally, internationally

Good for you, AZ Rocco’s Little Chicago Pizzeria!


Want to join the MORAL MONDAY movement in a protest against the Arizona government? Go for it!

UPDATE: Jan Brewer vetoed the anti-people bill. Have you heard the one about Jan being “bullied” into not signing the bill? Laughable. It’s amazing how people cry FOWL when they don’t get their way to discriminate against people who’ve done nothing but breathe. I believe the people spoke… loudly. Carry on, cons. The more you show yer arses, the “better” you make yourselves look to the masses. Ahem.



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