It’s not Whitney, stoopid!

Posted: January 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Getting older, and especially with today’s “Today if not sooner” society, I defend what I’m quite positive generations before have had to defend time and again: The Originals.

When I was growing up, I know The Bauhaus didn’t originate, “Ziggy Stardust,” Bryan Ferry didn’t pen, “Jealous Guy,” The Carpenters weren’t the true authors of, “Ticket To Ride,” The Go Gos didn’t originate, “Our Lips Are Sealed,” and Japan was not responsible for, “All Tomorrow’s Parties.”

However, in today’s feeble world of, “ONLY MEEE…. wait. SQUIRREL!” (which is so much worse than the 80’s ‘me’ generation IMO), those fukkers don’t have a clue as to what’s what.

Anyway, we were in the “Hippie Mart” yesterday when we heard a kid school another kid on the version of, “I Will Always Love You,” that was playing overhead. “Dolly Parton wrote this song!” She said, as she dashed the dreams of her fellow worker who said the country bitch had ripped off Whitney Houston. Whitney, she said, had not in fact written the song for the soundtrack,  The Bodyguard. Good on you, grasshopper!

And so it is with the song, “Mad World.” Although Gary Jules managed an even more depressing version for the movie, “Donnie Darko,” The song MAD WORLD belongs to Tears For Fears. The song appeared on their 1982 debut album, “The Hurting,” re-released recently with remixes and B-sides. Tears for Fears is cool. I don’t know who Gary Jules is except that he made a mighty fine version of, “Mad World,” and that he’s not its originator.

Hear the real, solid version of MAD WORLD tonight on Subculture!

p.s. Ceelo Green/Gnarls Barkley did not write the song, “Gone Daddy Gone,” nor did the hipster kids from Hahvahd Squayah (for the locals 🙂 )

SUBCULTURE, Fridays 8-10p EST US, WXOJ 103.3 fm, listen worldwide:


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