Swing it!

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Seriously, my wife is most amazing. As much as a music junkie am I, it is SHE who finds the finds. We’ve been checking out this place in Easthampton, MA that hosts amazing dance parties, films, brunch, and fine foodage. The name of the place is POPCORN NOIR. Mixology classes, incredible films and food, dance parties, congregating… I’m pretty sure this place was MADE for you!

This week they are hosting a party pour moi, dontcha know! Oh, I jest… kinda. But seriously, my eyes well up whenever and every time I hear Swing music. Equally, my buttocks catch a groove every time a I hear an electronic beat. Mix the two together and you’ve got… “Electro Swing!” HOLEEEE SHIT!

And this is just what Popcorn Noir is hosting this week in dance: Beginning at 10pm this Saturday, January 19th, you can experience the best in Swing and Electro Swing music with Ms.Playlist.

Tonight we toast the party on Subculture with Swing Republic’s,
“Peas and Rice.” It’s awesome… just awesome!

SUBCULTURE: Fridays 8-10p EST US, 103.3 fm WXOJ, Online worldwide: valleyfreeradio.org

swing popcorn

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