Oh, end of year

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

So, what made you happy this year? A smile? A book? A fucking good song, perhaps?

For me, a good bit of happiness includes being drenched in music and surrounded by good people. If you know me here and now, you know I try to speak to David Foster Wallace’s, “This is Water.” You never know, and man is it a philosophical test in human behavior! (points for getting the musical reference)

Looking forward to music in 2014, let’s pull the final cork out of a corporate-controlled industry and bring music back to life, back to reality (points if you got that one, too!) I play a lot of commercial and non-commercial tunes on this radio program, but I much prefer the latter. Only because many undersigned bands are simply… themselves; there’s no money-driven contracts or producers to tweak the hell out of their tunes and we’re all the better for hearing them raw. I’ve been on that corporate side and trust me when I say we can make ANYone sound good in a studio. Anyone. According to your feedback, you want the same. (This is one reason I love working in non-commercial radio!)

With that said (and to totally contradict myself), the program tonight is the, “Top Dance Of 2013,” with plenty of commercial and non-commercial mixes. Electronic music ebbs and flows in general popularity, but the last few years we have seen an amazing turnout and appreciation of indie, green, and retro artists, as well as underground favorites and unusual but fucking awesome collaborations.

This year, however, I have to give props to 90’s faves Daft Punk — not because they propelled themselves heavily back onto the modern dance scene but for including legendary musician, producer, and all around amazing person, Nile Rodgers! If you co-found one of the greatest funk bands ever, produce one of the best new romantic/new wave bands ever, perform with some of the most amazing talents on earth, and 40+ years later are still the hottest shit, goddess love ya!

Oh! I’ve a show to do! Wish I could have included Royksopp and Susanne Sundfor this week (my personal fav song of the year by-the-by), but they may have to be saved for the sex show next week. GASP! Someone said SEX… in ‘Merica. Uh huh, that’s right (tiny point #3). Forty years of pounding, er, delightful sounds will be displayed for your listening pleasure, er, enjoyment. 01.03.14 

Anyway, I opted instead to play the Donna Summer classic, ‘MacArthur Park,” given new life this year.

Tonight’s playlist will be available sometime this weekend. If you’d like a copy of tonight’s program, email me! I just purchased a bunch of Ray Charles stamps I’m just dying to share 😉

Bien des choses à tous,

— Wendy



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